On September 1, Dr. Jim White was joined by his loyal following as well as new viewers for the first episode of his new webinar series, Healing America with Dr. Jim White. Following a brief hiatus after the ending of his 12-week Critical Thinking series, White jumped back on screen to explore a new series on politics, finance, environment, and anything that affects the American people.

The Healing America mission, White explained on Tuesday night, is to inspire all Americans. He hopes to achieve this goal by detailing the topics covered in his new book Broken America: Ten Guiding Principles to Restore America, which launches on September 9, 2020. The book will serve as a foundation in the series, which will also include interviews with prominent American figures. White’s ambition is for viewers to watch the series and read the book to become inspired to stand up for our great nation, which has provided millions of Americans with endless opportunities. “She is in pain and is asking us to stand up and protect her,” White told viewers. The guests featured on the show will discuss the present and future of America, and tackle every subject matter that can make this country heal and become greater.

“She is in pain and is asking us to stand up and protect her.” – Jim White.

“We will witness our next President on January 20, 2021,” White said, “and he will say, ‘I do solemnly swear or affirm that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.’” Once that oath is administered, White noted that the president will have eight roles as the President of the United States:

  1. Chief of State – refers to the President as the head of the government, and as the symbol of all people.
  2. Chief Executive – vested by the Constitution, with broad executive power as defined in Article 2. Power is used at home on domestic issues and extends to foreign affairs. Power is limited by our government’s system of checks and balances.
  3. Chief Administrator – the President is in charge of the executive branch of the federal government. This branch employs more than 4 million people.
  4. Chief Diplomat– the main author of American foreign policy.
  5. Commander in Chief – the Constitution makes the President the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. This gives the President direct and immediate control of the military.
  6. Chief Legislator – the President shapes public policy. The President suggests that Congress enact laws that they believe are needed for our country. Sometimes, Congress does not agree with the President, and decides against the President’s legislation. Working with Congress takes up a major part of the President’s time.
  7. Party Chief – President is chief of their party. Political parties are not mentioned in the constitution, but they are a big part of American government.
  8. Chief Citizen – the President should represent all of the people of the United States. Citizens expect the President to work for their interests and to provide moral leadership.

The President must carry out each of these roles. The failure to perform one’s duty can lead to the failure to perform in several areas. White cites the example of Richard Nixon’s forced resignation due to the Watergate Scandal in 1974. White notes that people were unhappy with the way he chose to fulfill his roles, and that he lied and tried to cover it up. Dr. White pointed out that he doesn’t think Donald Trump passes the moral leadership test, nor does he work for all of the people. “We need our leaders to work for all the people, not just a select few,” White asserted.

White added that the Democratic nominee and their party also have room for improvement. However, White noted that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are what the country needs at this moment, adding that we need to start developing younger and more diverse leaders now if we are going to grow as a nation.

PHT Opportunity Fund Project

White hopes we can send a strong message on November 3rd and defeat Donald Trump  so we can start the healing process in America now. “We must vote in numbers like we’ve never voted before,” White said, “we need to vote so the electoral college sends a clear message to the President that says ‘you are fired’.’”

Anticipating that Joe Biden will be elected President, White added that the new administration should be inclusive, and not discard every Executive Order with Trump’s name on it. Citing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as an example that not all of Trump’s policies are bad, White explained the untapped potential of Qualified Opportunity Zones. “35 million Americans are living in Opportunity Zones today,” he said, “unemployment is growing, and there’s over 6 trillion dollars of unrealized capital gains sitting on the sideline that we can use to put our citizens back to work.”

How Opportunity Zones Could Help Restore the Economy After COVID-19

White ended his lecture on Tuesday with a somber overture, “I am a proud Vietnam veteran that loves his country. Please, let’s reach out, let’s get off the sidelines, and let’s not forget our veterans.” Dr. White ended his session on Tuesday with a reciting of the preamble of the US Constitution:

 “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Join Dr. White next week on September 9th for the launch of his new book, Broken America: Ten Guiding Principles to Restore America. He will be joined by Robert Shapiro, professor and former chair at the Department of Political Science at Columbia University.

Pre-order your copy of Broken America today at brokenamerica.com.