On June 4, 2020, the Internal Revenue Service issued notice 2020-39, which provides temporary relief for Qualified Opportunity Funds and investors affected by COVID-19 pandemic. Join Dr. Jim White, CEO of PHT Opportunity Fund LP, in the video below to learn more about Notice 2020-39.

Learn more about our new fund – an iconic 28-acre Commercial Precooling and Warehouse Campus Acquisition and Redevelopment in Salinas, CA, the “salad bowl of the world.”

Dr. White is hosting his regular Webinar Series. His next webinar goes live on June 16 at 6:30 PM EST. The topic of the webinar is “Critical Thinking, Part VI.” Dr. White’s objective is to teach you the skills to evaluate, identify, and distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information. It will lead you to be more productive in your career, and provide a great skill in your everyday life during and post COVID-19.